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Hello. My name is Colleen Landry and I’m an alcoholic. Oops. Wrong forum. Awkward. Let’s start over.  My name really is Colleen Landry.  I’m a writer, teacher, wife, and mother of 2 strapping, grocery-hoovering teenage boys. I teach high school Writing online and I’ve had articles published in The Globe and Mail and Canadian Living

When I’m not teaching full time and publishing an article every six years (the crowd goes wild), I fill my time with volunteer work (cooking,cleaning,chauffeuring, laundering, and grocery shopping. For free).  I strive to give back to my community (Keeping rowdy teens quiet in our hot tub) and I am forever seeking  cultural opportunities (I drink coffee from many faraway countries and eat exotic pastries whenever possible). 

I’m planning to post something here a couple of times/week but I can get sidetracked at times so please bear wi- Oh,look at the pretty rainbow! Where was I? Oh yes, posting.  I’m really not sure how this will go but I’m hoping we can have a laugh at God’s sick joke being a 40ish female and all the misery that comes with that.  Thanks for reading.

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Email: phlandry@nbnet.nb.ca

 Top 10 Reasons I (Finally) Started a Blog:

  1. I wanted to be 100% certain blogs weren’t a passing fancy like telephones were.  
  2. I want to share nutrition tips (Pinot Grigio and cheesecake) and exercise habits (sleepwalking) with other women.
  3. I’m confident it will save  strengthen my marriage.  My husband is tired of me asking: “Why do you hate me so much?”  He’ll be pleased I’m turning to the Internet for answers.
  4. I need cyber eye contact.
  5. It will give me something to do at 4 am, after I’ve towelled off from night sweats. #homicidal
  6. I want to become the Most Famous Blogger in the Kingdom so Ellen (DeGeneres) and I will have something to chat about when she invites me on her show. Does anyone have her number?
  7. I want to share coping tips on parenting teens (Pinot Grigio and cheesecake).
  8. My therapist friend suggested I “just shut up already and do it”. Be that way.
  9. I have lots of voices ideas in my head and I thought a blog might be good for my schizophrenia creativity.
  10. Why not? Everyone else is doing it. I once jumped off a bridge because everyone else was doing it and it went well so I’m sure this will too.

10 thoughts on “About

  1. OMG. Your even funnier in blog or maybe that it is the couple of Pinot Noirs I’ve had making you funny. LOL. Love it. Keep it up. T

  2. Colleen….how I’ve missed you :). You are way more hilarious than I remember you being … You sense of humour has developed like a fine wine, getting better with age! xx oo

    • Dan, you rock! Thanks for always pulling me out of blogging lethargy (also known as laziness). I accept your uber cool nomination and will get down to those questions before Christmas-er- the end of the week! Bless you.

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