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The Car was Intelligent and I Wasn’t, Darn it!

Greetings, readers!  There’s been a lapse. I realize that. It’s easy to explain: I’m lazy and uninspired and Netflix takes up all my time. Sue me.

Since I realized how long it had been since I posted, I sat down for days and wrote furiously to try and make it up to you. Wait. Sorry. No. I’m getting myself mixed up with famous writers who sell books. Sounds way too hard so instead, I reached into my old writing files, pulled out one I wrote a couple of years ago, sent it to the website that honors the one and only Erma Bombeck and since the powers that be were having a slow day, they posted it (I don’t CARE if I had to pay them to do it. That’s not the POINT).

Click on the link below to read it. Notice how youthful I looked- I mean ‘look’. No sense posting a new photo as I look exactly like that. Even better probably.

You know the drill- send it to Ellen. Make me famous. Blah blah blah.



17 thoughts on “The Car was Intelligent and I Wasn’t, Darn it!

  1. Kudos from Briah and I. You’re hilarious! Also enjoyed revisiting Erma Bombeck videos. Keep up the great work! Gerald and Briah

  2. This is hilarious! I totally think you should have taken off to the Hamptons as soon as you were behind that wheel! Your blogs are so very entertaining. I laugh out loud every single time! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Co, Ellen is just waiting for the right time to connect with you…
    Make Colleen famous: #@ellendegeneres. If you make it to her show, you have to take your bestie with you! Monique Brennan, that’s ME! Ok, and you, and MJ, and everyone else Co claims….

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