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The Joy of Christmas?

Don’t get all judgey on me like you do sometimes. Look, I’m tapped out and I’m double-dipping with this blog post. Deal with it. Of all things: Thanks to my childhood bestie’s (Deirdre!) mother (Thanks, Maureen!), who lives in Ireland, my writing ended up in a glossy and gorgeous annual Christmas magazine published by The Irish Times! I was asked to write it. You heard me. Asked!! For once in my life I wasn’t stalking publishers/editors and then sending them dead festering rabbits hate mail for rejecting me. Hmmmph.

The Irish Times rocks it and if they begged me to write a monthly column for them, I would definitely think about it for two seconds and then I’d probably accept their gracious offer, which hopefully would include a free trip to Ireland. Whatever. Even a bi-monthly column would be cool. Or thrice yearly. Just call my people me and we’ll talk…

And without further adieu, here is the article that appeared in this Christmas magazine (I was very surprised to see my picture on the cover too. Two words: Hair extensions) on November 4. Bam. If the print is too small (which it is…), you can view it herearticle

coverFullSizeRender (52)


18 thoughts on “The Joy of Christmas?

  1. ….word has it that the Irish are better judges of writing and writers….they are always on the edge of finding genius! Can I be your assistant when you do the tour in Ireland? ~ BethCongrats and see you soon.

    Date: Fri, 18 Dec 2015 17:27:54 +0000 To: bethweath@hotmail.com

  2. Colleen I hope they don’t fly you to Irland before I have Christmas dinner at your house with you and family lol

  3. Thanks for the mention Colleen. So glad you got printed in the Irish Times. Great article and continued success in 2016. Happy Christmas from all here – Claire and family included.

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