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The Globe and Mail and I Are ‘Like This’

I’m delighted to inform you that after sending out 9 million #$% articles for hopeful publication and being issued 1 restraining order, (Dear Huffington Post:  The LAST thing I want right now is to be “within 10 feet of your building” so suck it.) the Globe and Mail came to their senses and published my article on the joys of teaching our teenager to drive.  Check out the illustration; the woman looks like she just downed a bottle of pain killers. Why the hell didn’t I think of that? It would have been more pleasant. Note: Our son still speaks to me but we don’t do a lot of road trips together.  Also, our younger son now drives as well and I’d like to say that experience was easier.  Let’s leave it at that ok?

Here it is folks.  Please enjoy!



9 thoughts on “The Globe and Mail and I Are ‘Like This’

  1. Congratulations, Co! An appearance on Ellen is just around the corner. You’re listening, right Ellen? Ellen…..

    My guy turned 16 yesterday and has his Formula 1 papers sent off. Just awaiting the big call. In the meantime, I have my jumpsuit and matching helmet ready to go. Thanks for the loaner!

    Seriously, so proud of you!

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