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Happy Thankshgiving! Hic.

Thanksgiving is a time to give up thanks and count our bald spots blessings.  Here are a few things for which I’m uber thankful:

  • My beard didn’t grow in as thick this month!! Insert fist pump.
  • Teen 1 is home from university for the weekend. I can tell he has missed us terribly because yesterday he looked up from his i-Phone and made fleeting eye contact! That’s right.  Then, straight from the heart, he asked: “whenzsupr?” I still get choked up thinking about it.
  • I only asked Teen 2 to dry the dishes 13 times yesterday before he sighed and did them…while texting and snap-chatting. It took an hour but still…I mentioned I only had to ask him 13 times right? That’s the important part here.
  • I got the opportunity to spend some quality alone time with my new pots and pans today. Yippee!
  • University fees only went up 10% this year! Can you say Freedom 75? Oh yea, baby.
  • I finally figured out how to curb my hot flashes: Stop being alive consuming so much coffee, wine, and sugar. I feel so lucky to have that information.
  • This afternoon, while I seasoned the gravy and whittled away at my wrists the squash, my husband hollered, “Smells great, honey!” while he watched Duck Dynasty. Don’t be jealous. I bet your husband says romantic stuff to you too. I won’t even mention that he patted my behind as I bent over to put the turkey in the oven.  You’ll never speak to me again!!  Ha ha. I’m blessed. Really. (I’m into the sauce now BTW)
  • Facebook! I mean, how lucky am I to be able to see everyone’s happy families enjoying a sumptuous turkey dinner with gravy aplenty and home made cranberry sauce and with no one mumbling or texting or eating in a Neanderthal fashion, to boot.  It’s the same exact thing in our household BTW.(On my second glass)
  • Great newsh! Cooking wine ish delishush! It’sh not jusht for cooking. Hic. Cheersh.
  • Clean-up is a schnap when you pashh out. Shuper fun day here.  Itsh on Facebook. Happy Thankshgiving. I love you all show much!

Pleashe enjoy our Thankshgiving shelfie:

photo (25)


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