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Happy Holidays! Everything Here Is Great. Really.

Greetings, friends!  I’m a bit behind in holiday preparations but I didn’t want the season to go by without sharing our news and letting you know I’m thinking of running away you. 

The boys are doing well; I’m happy to report that they are currently at the top of the stairs hollering When’s supper?? their classes. Alex loves university life; his dorm room is nicer than our shitty bedroom filled with the comforts of home: bathroom, flat-screen TV, and a personal masseuse.  Max is having a good hockey season.   I have to admit, he looks pretty cool and confident wearing our pension his new goalie pads.  It pains me that our boys all grown up but they still don’t have a cat’s clue where the washing machine is located make me feel needed. I am blessed.

We were fortunate enough to take a trip this year.  At the end of June my breasts family and some friends went south.  The heat coupled with my hot flashes damn near killed me was intoxicating. The boys had a blast! Between Universal Studios, private surfing and waterski lessons, outlet shopping and Typhoon Lagoon, I can’t pinpoint which part pushed us over the edge financially they would choose as their highlight. It was a fantastic way to spend our nest egg holiday.

Hard to believe but Phil and I are celebrating our 21st year of marriage!  He’s still crazy about me. I know this because on Monday he looked up ever so briefly from his Blackberry when I called his name six jeeslus times.  Not to mention, on April 7th, 2013 he asked me if I needed help with supper.  I think it’s the lavish attention he heaps on me that makes me want to stay for another twenty-one years. I love him as much as my boyfriend the day we married. 

As always, we pride ourselves on being active and 2013 was no different.  Alex ran a half marathon, Max competed in a Crossfit competition, Phil regularly lifts the TV remote weights and I cross crap off my endless To Do lists country ski when I get the chance.  Sometimes when I’m out there alone on the stunning trails I pray for a bear to take me quietly and give thanks for such beauty. It doesn’t get any better.

I am doing a lot of thankless shit great as always. No big changes: same job, same house, same underwear. I only wish I didn’t have a goatee 50th birthday looming; I simply can’t believe I’m in the last year of my 40s. Yikes!  I hope that with regular exercise, a healthy diet, and some quality crack cocaine friendships, I will breeze through the transition. Work continues to keep me busy and in my down time I still enjoy reading into things until I’m paralysed with anxiety.  Everything here is great. Really.

I hope you remember who I even am to count your blessings during this hellfest holiday season.  I’m sending love, happiness and our always hungry children warmest wishes your way.  Merry Christmas from the Landrys!





17 thoughts on “Happy Holidays! Everything Here Is Great. Really.

  1. MEES! MEES! MEES! This is awesome!! Tears of laughter reading this here in Cracktown!! Merry Christmas!! All the best in 2014!! sue 🙂

  2. Omg!!! Loved this Colleen – btw, it’s Rick and I’s 28th!!! And Rick’s birthday. We are enjoying CR. Mom & Dad arrived. So far lots of site seeing and family card games and “series” watching….
    Hoping you are good..
    Chat soon, will be online more often now 🙂

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Hah! Gave me a good laugh while driving from Maine to Fredericton in horrendous stormy weather. Well, Don is driving, that is. I’m providing wisdom and therapy. Merry Christmas to you and yourn (love saying that) and let me know if you’re coming through Fredericton! Xo

  4. Hi Colleen, Lou sent this onto me as well as other lliterary gems of yours . I can see why you are friends! I wish it wasn’t so close to the truth. If I wasn’t so full of champagne I would comment further but best I go to sleep. I’m hoping to make it to Canada next year and would love to meet you but in the mean time I need to go to sleep so I can awake with a hangover …

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